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Democratising Energy to make it accessible.

Whether you are a consumer who wants to save on energy bills and enjoy a little more power/energy or a Renewable Energy Solutions provider looking to grow your business, Imperium has a tailor-made solution for you.

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Simplifying Access to Affordable and Reliable Energy

At Imperium, we are creating an ecosystem where the consumers (individuals and companies) and the service providers can interact seamlessly to support equal access to affordable energy.

Evaluation: Energy Audits For Everyone

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Solutions: Flexible Purchase Plan that Works For You

  • Our Lease to Own model offers you the option of paying in installments over a fixed period and owning the products after paying off your final installment.
  • With Outright Purchase, you can instantly buy and own renewable energy products.
  • Power as a Service is an energy subscription model that lets you enjoy electricity without purchasing infrastructure similar to PHCN where you pay for the power consumed.

Partnership: Creating a Sustainable Future

Our platform is open to vendors in the renewable energy sector.

Featured Ventures

We are creating an ecosystem of consumers — individuals, corporates or clusters — funding agencies, energy solution providers, technical support and regulators.

  • Blue Camel
  • Solar Direct
  • Greencrest Energy
  • PPP
  • PriVida
  • Solar Forte
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Global Partnership

A network of local and international organisations dedicated to reliable energy sources.

Power As a Service

At Imperium, we take care of all your power and energy concerns by empowering your homes, stores and businesses with our clean energy solutions. By selecting our “Power as a Service” option, you are guaranteed clean and reliable power without the burden and hassle of installing, maintaining or even owning a solar/power solution. Begin to enjoy power today at zero upfront cost. You only pay an agreed tariff based on the solution deployed.

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